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  • How I created the comic ”Give me Liberty“

    After struggling with a creative block for many years, I decided to return to something I was really passionate about as a kid: writing and drawing comics. During school days, I had worked on a graphic novel with my class mates, which I’m now calling Team 4Pac. Even though it has an ending, some chapters…

  • Free Instagram grid layout template for Photoshop

    Reels might be the hot new thing, but people are still going to visit your profile and look at your wall of posts. Ever wanted to get creative with this grid and make posts spanning multiple tiles? It’s a bit old school, but great for big announcements or showcases, giving large projects the space they…

  • Resurrected blog posts

    I just re-imported my old blog posts, dating back to 2006. It’s fitting, because this site is already an archive of my old stuff. Most of is still under review, but I can easily re-publish posts now. Haven’t really written anything blog-like in 5 years, but who knows? Maybe I’ll post a project update…

  • Der Prototyp von Phombie Flow

    Der Prototyp von Phombie Flow

    Es passiert nicht allzu oft, dass man sagen kann, man hat ein Spiel fertiggestellt. Dieses heißt Phombie Flow und ist letztes Jahr in Zusammenarbeit mit 86/60 entstanden. In diesem Beitrag möchte ich auf die Entstehung des Prototypen näher eingehen: Den Workflow im Team, die Implementierung der grundlegenden Funktionen, sowie besondere Herausforderungen und Problemlösungen.

  • Let’s get this party started

    I feel like this has the right to exist, for now.