Igi Ig

One of the earliest attempts is a suburbia comedy about an inventor sharing a house with living plushies. Pretty weird!


Maybe you shouldn’t call your own jokes funny. But around 1997, I did design a weekly magazine for my class called “Funny”, containing puzzles and an ongoing adventure story in the dutch language. Some digital elements, such as the title, were designed digitally and printed out, then I added the drawings by hand. The next step was to make copies using the school’s printer. My family was recruited to assemble the copied pages into individual issues at home.

Family comics

Telling stories about family life with two brothers. Key audience: The grandparents.

Star Pac / 4Pac / Der Zettel

Various attempts to create a Star Trek fan comic (heavily “First Contact”-inspired) that never reached past page 2.

Team 4Pac / Matrix Originalverpact

New school, new ambitions: When Tori and I started to both draw a comic featuring our classmates in 2002, we soon decided to merge the two stories into one. We then spent another year and countless nights writing new chapters, but never fully finished the story. In the end, we wrote a final chapter to conclude it, but some gaps were left in the middle.

In 2018, I finally started to draw those missing chapters.

You can read the ongoing story here.


To be written

Halloween 2

To be written

Halloween 2k4

To be written

American Hero

As part of the ambitious first try of this game project, I made a few graphic novel pages to be used instead of cutscenes, much like the main inspiration Max Payne. Only 2 pages were finished.