I recently began to use Mozilla Firefox 2.0… I was pretty amazed by all its handy functions. Right now I configured it the way I’m used to, smooth-scrolling on, the toolbars are arranged the IE-way, and I also downloaded some add-ons… It just feels very solid and you know whether a page is loading or not. So I’m very happy with this great program.

Since I began using the Internet, the default Windows browser Internet Explorer with its flaws was always my choice. Back then it was still updated regularly, got improved visuals and had a fast loading time because it was the Explorer at the same time. Also, most people were using it and I knew that when I wanted to build websites, I needed to make them work for most people’s configurations.

I didn’t want to switch to Mozilla at first because I was simply used to IE and didn’t have any problems with it (the integrated pop-up blocker, Google toolbar and GetRight worked together well) and features like tabs seemed useless to me. I did install it in order to test new websites… So what made me switch? Well I tried to install IE7, but it requires a genuine version of Windows (o noes the hax!), so I tried version 2.0 of Firefox.

The great thing about it is its flexibility. You can configure everything, and what remains can be achieved by installing add-ons! The extendable search bar is maybe the feature that impressed me most… Because previously, I needed to go to my bookmarks->find Wikipedia->wait for it to load->type my search keywords… That took a long time compared to now! Another handy feature is the way Bloglines can be integrated; now I just have to click on the RSS feed icon next to a website’s URL and can add the feed to my Bloglines easily! I also like the dictionary/spell-checker function, which I’m also using while blogging now. Using the Morning Coffee add-on, I can quickly load all the forums, Bloglines and deviantART… FlashGet allows me to continue using GetRight for the downloads… And even tabs are nice 😉






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  1. Oliver Avatar

    I don\’t want to say that I knew it, but I KNEW IT! I\’m happy that you have changed your mind, because I thought you would never do. Mozilla is cool – it\’s free, independent and incredibly flexible! I just love the way the updates are installed. It\’s so easy and it just works. And it\’s saver too. Obviasly you are aware of that now too 😀

  2. StevyGee Avatar

    I realized that my opinion was just very \”conservative\”, a way of thinking I\’m actually against… I mean I\’ve always used Winamp for MP3s, but that one at least is very functional and clean!

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