How a job affects everyday life

Today was the last day of my 3-week-schooling at the Red Cross. The weeks really went flying by and it now seems pretty normal to spend 9 hours in the education center every workday. Tomorrow and the day after there will be exams and thursday will be my day off. On friday the practical starts at the blood donation center, I hope it’s going to be okay. So now that I know all that, it seems as if the week was already over.

Getting things done is a lot more difficult. I tried to get an appointment at my dentist for thursday, but there is no place for me in his calender on that day. That sucks because before today I didn’t knew I even had a day off, so I’ll have to wait until I find out what my working hours will be like next week and call again. I did manage to get a hair cut last week… But things like supporting a small political party by personally handing over a form at the magistrate are almost impossible because their working hours end way too early. I wonder how many people actually bother doing that… it’s probably the reason many of those parties don’t make it into the elections.






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