Noir City

For the course 2D Animation we were assigned to create a short animation test. The requirement was to include yourself as a puppet and put it into a filmic environment. Naturally, I chose the neo-noir world of Sin City and blew my submission widely out of proportion.

I tried to match the style of the film pretty closely with strong contrasts and graphical elements, like the snow-white street. I wanted the falling snow to look like it was deliberatly blown into frame by a wind machine. As I ran out of time, I wasn’t able to animate the bottles as epic as planned, so it became part of the joke. Later, I reused the environment in the green screen exercise.

It was fun to make this short comedic sketch. There were many firsts for me: Doing a photo shoot to capture shots of my face, using stock photos and modifying them and sourcing the sound effects from a stock library.