Terminator 3 Report-Trailer


Having grown up with Arnold’s action movies on TV, the release of Terminator 3 was a big event for my brother Peter, cousin Oliver and I. Well, big enough to record our experience with Oliver’s fancy new digital camera. Let’s go to the multiplex!

Making it

Before YouTube existed, we were already parodying a trailer by inserting our own shots, intercut with our thoughts before and after the screening. Could it potentially have gone viral?

Getting the “epic sunglasses” shot took many takes, as we burst out laughing many times.

Editing this was a really fun process. We used random test footage and were amazed at how epic it looked in combination with the narrator and sound effects of the original trailer! It all happened very spontaneously and we learned a lot.

Technical details

We used Adobe Premiere — Version 6.5 — for the first time and didn’t use any transition effects. Instead, we painted over some frames using Photoshop, in order to mimic the flashy transitions seen in the trailer.