As a 3rd semester project, we wanted to create the first episode of our own animated show. Inspired by our own lives as students, the microcosm of our university and shows like Futurama, we set out to attempt the impossible: Produce 5 minutes worth of animation as a group of just three people.

I really liked working on this project. Behind the scenes, we really tried our best. Developing the characters, casting the voice actors and brainstorming a story together was really fun. We created our own production pipeline and were confronted with the realities of the workload of an animated production, complete with model sheets and a tight schedule.

At the time, I didn’t know very much about making hand drawn animations, I wasn’t sure how to approach that. But I could draw, use Photoshop and After Effects that is how I started. Max animated the parts that turned out really good, while mine were at about the level of Zombie Simpsons. Fabian worked on the backgrounds and on audio. We made a cut using audio first, focused on comedic timing and even recorded our own sound effects.

What we ended up with at the end of the semester was about 50 seconds of animation out of our planned 5 minutes. So there are many, many unrealized ideas that we didn’t get to show. The project was continued in the next semester by another team, where it progressed some more and even added an intro and a theme song!